Let me introduce myself…

From my earliest memories all I did is colour and paint

I was lost in my own magical world of creation and imagination, growing up in the 70’s was fabulous, from the Northern town of Bolton, Lancashire.

It was around 2000 when I sold my first painting and featured in local exhibitions, but juggling family life and other jobs along the way, I couldn’t give it my all and achieve my goal.

It’s only now (2023) I’m in a much better place and able to focus and work towards my goal, (let's just say I have experienced many of The Hero's Journey, just like most people on this planet)



I'm offering people to see the true beauty in my creations. I specialise in creating one-of-a-kind, original paintings and work incredibly hard, every day to achieve this. Don’t you think… there’s something about owning an original artwork, you are the only person in the world who will ever have it.

My artwork is a reflection of who I am, within thoughts, emotions, and my overall mood at the time of creation. I may listen to music or be in total silence and not realise where 4 hours have gone. Like my artwork my music taste is so diverse.

When you buy one of my pieces you will get a Certificate Of Authenticity and it will be ready to hang on your wall. I will keep you updated with my latest works, hopefully you will start to follow me and enjoy the journey with me.

My organic prints are also part of my journey... it's all connected, this allows me to be grounded, connect with nature and gives me the freedom to create my originals.
May I finish with a huge thank you to all my art lovers who have bought pieces from me and continue to support me, I'm truly grateful. Much love,